Sarah Pavis

Google Web History

Since October 2005 I’ve done 32k Google searches. I wonder how that compares to other people. Too bad there isn’t a way to export my web history before I nuke it at the end of the month. It could probably be a lot of fun to data mine myself. 

Though my all time top 10 searches are pretty idiotic:

  1. chicago weather (seems about right)
  2. restaurant (partially because I perpetually spell this word wrong and Google is a quick spellcheck & partially because I want to know what restaurants are nearby)
  3. [my local credit union] (whose website I can never remember the URL of)
  4. trader joe’s (proximity to TJ’s was an important criteria when finding my new apt)
  5. weather chicago (listen I just really need to know what the weather is)
  6. grocery (if not trader joe’s, at least where is the nearest grocery store?)
  7. weather 60614 (OMG WHAT IS THE WEATHER)
  8. sarah pavis (am i still on top?)
  9. djia (i started checking the dow jones industrial average for ‘fun’ when the economy cratered)
  10. food (OMG WHERE IS THE FOOD)
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