Sarah Pavis

The overnight test and the loss of perspective

Linds Redding, an ad industry veteran, died of cancer last week. Back in March he wrote a moving piece about work and what matters, which is pretty universal wisdom, but some of the specifics are directed at creatives in the advertising industry, which he called ”a con. A scam. An elaborate hoax.”

Truly creative people tend not to be motivated by money. That’s why so few of us have any. The riches we crave are acknowledgment and appreciation of the ideas that we have and the things that we make. A simple but sincere “That’s quite good.” from someone who’s opinion we respect (usually a fellow artisan) is worth infinitely more than any pay-rise or bonus. Again, our industry masters cleverly exploit this insecurity and vanity by offering glamorous but worthless trinkets and elaborately staged award schemes to keep the artists focused and motivated. Like so many demented magpies we flock around the shiny things and would peck each others eyes out to have more than anyone else. Handing out the odd gold statuette is a whole lot cheaper than dishing out stock certificates or board seats.

(via @malki)