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Hivemined Updates

So glad to hear things are coming along! Hoping that Hivemined will be the phoenix that rises from Google Reader’s ashes. 

Only two things I haven’t heard yet:

  • whether they’ll be people discovery through likes 
  • if there’ll be magic sorting & how well it might work


Sorry for my silence. jJob work has been crazy busy, but that’s no excuse. I just have bad communication skills.

Have had some time to work on hive and have a nice long weekend coming up.

New things added

-like 90% there but instead of polling (going and asking if your blog have new stuff), I’ve added pubsubhubbub. This means that 90% of your feeds (all wordpres, tumblr, blogspot, and a ton others ) will update in near REAL TIME. This provides a better user experience and also cuts load on server. Anything without pub sub will still check like normal, so no worries.

-the sharebookmarklet works, I think better then the google reader one did.

-commenting works and is awesome

-you can put feeds in to a folder and then click the folder to display all entries from feeds in that folder.

-profile page of your shares and a nice follow button so you can send it out. ala twitter

Killer things that need in.

-fancy entry loading. it currently just loads 40 most recent posts. That’s no good.

-you can put your feeds in an order. but this should be a huge blocker

-list view for feeds. but non blockers

Ok, now for beta keys. I plan on putting a system in place where I give out keys to people and that key is good for inviting X number of people. That way you can invite most of your community so you are not just sharing alone and I can still control number of users coming in to see what breaks.

I know I keep saying it but this is a hard deadline now. I will have some beta invites by Dec 1st.

Also plan on going though a ton of questions on tumblr over the next couple days and making a nice faq response.

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A Parallel Universe In Which Google+ Enhances Google Reader

Did you guys hear about the integration of Google Reader with Google+?  I’m so happy! I’ve reprinted the announcement below: 

With the maturation of the Google+ API we’re proud to announce the first step in our wide integration of your circles with Google products. 

Soon you’ll see Google+ integration in many Google products. 

  • Talk - Customize your chat visability and easily update G+ with short twitter-style messages directly from Google Talk
  • Blogger - That great granual control you love in G+, now available for your blog allowing to to share posts on a by-circle basis
  • Documents - See what friends and coworkers are working on to easily collaborate
  • Calendar - With circle based control over sharing your appointments and easy visability of the shared calendars of everyone in your circles, scheduling meetings and meet ups has never been easier
  • YouTube - Favoriates from your circles automatically populate a Watch List for you to peruse with your favoraites automatically appearing in the watch list of people who have you in circles.
  • Offers - See who in your circles in getting in on the latest deals. 
  • Gmail - Getting swapmed in email? Sort your inbox my circles and send email on a by-circle basis. Important emails will also show up in Google+. 

But we’re especially proud of the Google+ API integration on our launch product, Google Reader.  

Google Reader users have been sharing and discussing articles with each other for years so giving these smart and dedicated users even more of what they love was a natural choice for the Google Reader and Google+ API teams. 

We combined what used to be three Google Reader functions — like, share, share with note — into one: the now iconic +1 button. Similar to how the +1 works on websites, pressing it will add that article to your list of public +1’s on your Google+ page as well as give you a prompt to share.  You can then choose to share it with a note in the text field or without.  This share is sent as a snippit to your Google+ stream, and as a full text article in Google Reader to the reading lists of people who have you circled. Additionally, any comments on your share will be replicated on Google+ and vice versa. This will enhance the Google Reader expeirence for existing users and make RSS reading more social and appealing for people who aren’t currently using it. 

Those looking for a richer, more immersive experience similar to Flipboard or the NYT’s Times Reader app, will be happy to hear we overhauld our Google Reader Play site. Like a faculty lounge or college dorm room, the new Google Reader Play site makes it easy for anyone with a Google+ account to dive in to new ideas and interesting discussions being shared in Google Reader by people they’ve circled. New and popular articles shared by your circles will have animated tiles, and the trending view will let you see what articles are popular globally. The ubiquitous +1 in the corner of each tile makes resharing easy. Google Reader Play will become to longform reading and sharing what Twitter and Stellar are to shortform reading and sharing. 

Sharing too much? Your Google Reader shares will be set up as a Hub on Google+ which will make it easier for people who’ve circled you to follow or unfollow your items based on their interest. Each Google product that gets integrated into Google+ will be Hub based. Like someone’s YouTube favorites but don’t like seeing what Games they play? Unsubscribe from their Games Hub. 

Once the Google+ API is rolled out to all our products the web will be more rich, more relevant, more connected, and more social than ever before. Are you feeling lucky?  

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